How Do Starfish Reproduce?


Starfish reproduce asexually. That means a single starfish has both sets of sexual organs for a female and a male.
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Starfish don't have gills, and they don't absorb water through their skin, instead, they breathe through their feet and through small breathing tubes distributed all over their body
Male octopuses and squids and a special arm that's called a hectocotylus that they use to transfer sperm to the female. The female lays her fertilized eggs on the roof of her home
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Lobsters like most multi-cell animals reproduce sexually. A female lobster searches for a mate when they are about to molt. The male transfers the sperm to her and the eggs are fertilized
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Most species of starfish reproduce through external fertilization. Female starfish release eggs into the water and male starfish release a cloud of sperm to fertilize them.
Starfish reproduce by female starfish releasing their eggs and then male starfish populate the area with their sperm. Once the egg is fertilized the larvae of a starfish floats to the water surface for a few weeks and then drop to the ocean bottom and begin to take a starfish form. Many think this is also not just reproduction of the starfish, but a form of regeneration as well.
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Starfish can reproduce either sexually or asexually. Both male and female starfish exist, though they are externally indistinguishable from each other. They breed ...
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