How Do Street Magicians Levitate?


Street magicians usually levitate using a number of methods that are mainly based on physics. However, in order to levitate, a magician has to have good sense of balance. Some of the methods that are used include electrostatic, magnetic, electromagnetic and aerodynamic techniques. Magicians therefore have a good understanding of physics and the forces that would make an object be magically suspended in air.
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Balducci Levitation: How It Appears A street magician gathers a few spectators. He turns his back to the audience, on a bit of an angle, so the audience can see most of the closest
With one of his feet he stands on his tippy toes. He lines up so the cameras don't see it. Most of the people are actors.
It's a simple balance trick. You have to turn from your crowd, put your feet together, then raise onto the toes of your foot furthest away from people. As far as major levitating's_levita...
Most levitation tricks use optical illusions and misdirection to focus your attention away from what is really happening. One classic trick, called Balducci levitation, is often performed
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When a magician wishes to levitate an object, he uses a length of invisible thread. One end of the thread is first attached to the magician's lapel or shirt then ...
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