How Do Sycamore Trees Drop Their Seeds?


Sycamore seeds which are known as achenes are dry light hairy seeds which drop from the tree after they are blown by the wind. They then float on water and taken to new places to grow. These seeds also get dispersed by other animals and birds that eat them and poop them in new places, where they grow into new trees.
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1. Gather seed balls from beneath a mature California sycamore in early autumn once they turn light-brown and begin to fall apart. Collect them in a large paper grocery bag. 2. Put
they fly in the wind.
Sycamore tree seeds have pairs of wings. As the seeds fall, they spin and the "wings" produce lift making the seeds behave like a helicopter. Because it takes the seeds
These thorny spike seeds are known as mini beasts
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they fly in the wind. ...
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