How Do the Athletes Prepare for the Olympic Games?


Professional athletes will train for a period of ten months before entering the Olympic games. Furthermore, they are following a strict diet and a tight schedule. For more information, visit:
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They train for 10 months, have a very strict diet, and lots of sleep.
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Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps has won 8 gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Michael Phelps also matched his own record for most medals won in a single Olympics winning 8 in
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The longest athletic race in the Olympic games is the 50 kilometre Men's Walk. Schwazer from Italy won the Olympic gold in record time at the 2008 Beijing Olympic ...
The early Olympic games were held as a way to honor the Olympian gods. They also aimed to show the physical qualities of young athletes and encourage good relations ...
The Olympic Games are a series of athletic competitions or challenges started in ancient Olympia in the year 776 BC. The Olympics were held in honor of Zeus and ...
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