How Do the Continents Fit Together?


The continents do not fit together any more, but were originally a part of a single large continent. They fit together like the pieces of a puzzle.
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Well, many many years ago all of the continents were fitted togother in a supercontinent called Pangaea. But, according to plate tectonics, they spread the sea floor apart which,
Look at a map of the Earth. Just look at how the east coast of South America fits perfectly with the west coast of Africa, like a jigsaw puzzle, forming part of what used to be called
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South American and Africa were one
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The four main pieces of evidence that the continents were all attached at one time would be that the continents fit together. Not only do the continents fit together ...
Pangaea is the super-continent in the theory of continental drift which all the southern continents broke away from leading to their formation. The theory of continental ...
Long ago it is believed that all of the continents were actually one large land mass. This large land mass was called Pangaea. It is unsure if this was actually ...
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