How Do the Lungs Pass Oxygen into the Blood?


The lungs pass oxygen into the blood through diffusion. Oxygen in the air sac diffuses into the alveoli then passes through a thin layer of fluid into the blood capillary.
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A red blood cell protein called hemoglobin (HEE-muh-glow-bin) helps
red blood cells
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The oxygen that passes into the capillaries is normally cold. it is passed from the lungs in to the capillaries. it is meant to oxygenate blood in the body. ...
The alveoli release oxygen into the blood. They are tiny airsacs that are found at the end of bronchioles in the lung. At the alveoli, oxygen leaves them and ...
As blood passes through the lungs, oxygen is exchanged from the inhaled air into the blood through the linings of the alveoli. Carbon dioxide is simultaneously ...
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