How do the Moon Phases Affect Plant Germination?


Moon phases affect plant germination, because of gravitational pull. During the full and new moon phases, the stronger gravitational pull of the moon increases the water content in the soil. This water content leads to germination, which is triggered by seeds absorbing water.
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Germination is triggered by the absorption of water. Once the seed takes in enough water, an enzyme is activated, and plant cells start to duplicate. The growing plant embryo bursts
They don't in any other way than providing more light to tend to your plants at night when no other light source is available; or if they are planted in a location that is affected
Hi Jordan, I know that aquatic plants and organisms are often affected by moon phase as a result of gravitational pull. With terrestrial plants and organisms, however, there is less
1 First quarter moon cycle (new moon to half full) – Plant things that are leafy, like lettuce, cabbage, and spinach . 2 Second quarter moon cycle (half full to full moon) -
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