How Do They Celebrate Christmas in Australia?


Because the Christmas period occurs in summer, there are often a lot of bush fires and so many people save bush fire volunteers. Several Australians hang wreaths on their front doors while others go out Christmas carol singing on Christmas Eve. There are also decorations of the houses and gardens especially with Christmas tree.
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1. Purchase some Christmas Bush-a plant native to Australia that boasts little Christmas-red leaves. Display the Christmas Bush in your house as you would any other decoration. 2.
Christmas in Australia. (from various contributors) Mixed grill on the barby (barbeque) is a popular Christmas meal. Lots of family, lots of presents , good food and a lot of times
lol,snow in South Australia,one of the hottest states we have,lol. It doesn't snow anywhere in Australia apart from the southern highlands which are in southern NSW & Victoria
Celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas on December 6. Walk with the men in the village of Kussnacht on their annual parade through the streets. The men wear large cardboard headpieces
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Christmas traditions in Australia include adorning houses with Christmas Bush (a native tree with small green leaves that turn red in the summer) and decorating Christmas trees, singing carols, and eating a meal with family and friends.
Christmas falls during the summer in Australia, so summer activities like camping and going to the beach are often part of Christmas festivities as well.
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Christmas comes in Australia with the warmth of summer. People normally attend morning mass in church then later they prefer to go out for a picnic in the wood or on the beach. Homes are decorated with flowers and other plants. Lots of events and concerts are held throughout the country.
In Australia, Christmas usually occurs during the height of the summer season. They celebrate Christmas just like any other community and normal customs and practices like Christmas trees, Father Christmas, Christmas carols and gifts are observed and exchanged. Christmas dinner may be a barbeque in the backyard or a picnic on a beach though and they usually use champagne instead of eggnog and pavlova instead of Plum Pudding. The big events of the Christmas season are the Carols by Candlelight.
Christmas is celebrated in Australia just like in any other western community. Christmas trees, carols and gifts exchange happen. It usually occurs at the height of the summer season in Australia.
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