How Do They Choose the Hosts for the Olympics?


They choose hosts by a vote, every two years. Cities around the globe places bid on to way they show host the Olympics. There is three things that are a must for hosting the Olympics. One is the city must prove it is big enough. The city needs to be big enough for the huge number of tourists, athletes, journalists and politicians. They need to also be able to house people in hotels and provide transportation to the games. Second, the city needs to tell the residents that there tax will be increased so that they can pay to have the games there. Third, the city must keep their name out of the news for bad reasons. The city must stay in good standards.
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Any country/city who wishes to host the Olympics can place a bid. The Olympic Committee then selects one of them.
1. Inform the International Olympic Committee of the applicant city. The National Olympic Committee informs the International Olympic Committee of a host city. The deadline is set
IOC memebers choose. The host city is elected by a majority of those
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