How Do Tornadoes Affect People?


The main way that tornadoes affect people is with the destruction of property. Hopefully, when it destroys their property it does not kill them, but there are about an everage of sixty deaths each year due to flying debri and falling structures.
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When a tornadoe comes it usually destroys peoples houses, so they then have to rebuild there home. Sometimes people lose everything they had in just a few seconds.
Fires are just one concern after a tornado. Severe injuries and loss of life comprise the main concern generated from tornado formation. In an average year, reports of approximately
When you have a hot front and a cold front that come together, it creates a tornado. its just like when you have small 'tornados' of leaves. That is caused by two wind currents coming
Unfortunately, there isn't clear answer. Though many believe hills can slow down the
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Tornadoes are a rotating columns of air which are very violent. Tornadoes affect people in a negative manner. They can destroy buildings and properties as well ...
The entire state of Texas gets tornadoes. The greatest portion of these occur in the northern Part of the state, which would include most of the plains and prairies ...
the ones outside. ...
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