How Do Torque Converters Work?


A torque converter works by way of using fins on its inside and transmission fluid getting pumped into the converter at fairly high pressures. The input and output speeds of a torque converter may be vastly different, or the same. Torque converters are fluid couplings that are used to transmit changing power from prime movers such as electric motors over to a rotating load that is being driven.
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A torque converter is a coupling that mimics a clutch.
They exist on automatic transmissions and do not require a driver to engage the clutch to move.
The torque converter is very important because in an automatic transmission it allows it to switch gears. This multiplies the speed of the car two times what it originally produces.
Torque converters work by utilizing a series of different sized discs. The different size discs can convert torque into different amounts of torque. The bigger the disc the more torque.
Torque converters work, by utilizing a series of different size discs. The bigger the disc the more torque that is produced. A smaller disk produces less torque.
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