How do Toy Cars Work?


Toy cars are toys, so they don't really work. They play. But that being said, how it functions depends on what type of toy car it is. Sometimes they have a rubber band which stretches when the car is pulled backward. Then when you let go and the rubber band unwinds, the wheels turn, and that car flies!
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If you want to know how toy cars work, they run on batteries and the can be steered with a remote control. Toy cars are powered by electric, some of the more expensive models require fuel.
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Making a toy car can be fun and rewarding. One website you can go to is and it tells you easy to understand instructions on how to make a car.
1. Decide what type of cars you want to collect. If you are using these as an investment, be sure to save the original box for each car. If the box is never opened, so much the better
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