How Do Treat a Burnt Throat from Hot Food?


Burnt throat from hot food generally last for 10-14 days even though you don't do anything. You can only make yourself feel better by gargling cool water or eating Popsicles. Avoid hot drinks and spicy/salty foods.
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1. Bring cold tap water to a boil in the tea pot. 2. Mix the honey and lemon juice in a large glass or mug. The amounts can be adjusted to suit to your taste. 3. Add the alcohol,
wow, is it that bad? all i can say is drink cold drinks. if you feel it is that bad go to the dr.s.
The first step is to get the person who did this to you incarcerated. That being said, it is treated as any other type of burn. If there are blisters the skin may need to be debrided
You should drink mostly fluids for the next
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