How do you block someone's number?


The best way to block an undesirable person or company from calling a phone is to use the phone’s built in blocking software. If a phone is not equipped this type of software, blocking software can be downloaded.

Most modern smartphones come equipped with number-blocking capabilities. To access them, users need to go to the phone’s menu. Usually, these types of programs are found in the phone’s Settings area under commands such as Blacklist, Number Block or Do Not Disturb. Upon clicking on the command, a new window pops up. After entering the phone number to be blocked and clicking Engage, the number is blocked from the phone.

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1. Visit the MyAT&T Web page and log in to your account (link in Resources) 2. Scroll to "Manage my plans & services" under the I Want To heading, and then select
Depends on you phone model, you can use several phone applications to block incoming call and sms.
Depending on the particular phone and service you use, call
call your service provider and ask.
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