How Do U down Load Music to an I Pod from Lime Wire?


Surprisingly this is actually rather simple and it is something both my husband and I do constantly. You end up having to still use iTunes however there is no money spending and it is very simple.First step is to make sure you have the music you want on LimeWire saved as a playlist. Next, open iTunes and go to File->Library->Import Playlist. After that search for your playlist that you saved in LimeWire and open the file. Then its just a matter of time for your playlist to download onto you iPod.
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When you downloaded limewire, during the installation, a box will show up and ask you where you want your newly downloaded songs to be. If you didn't do anything or click anything
after you download a song it transfers to ur itunes then go to music and download it from there or it shows lime wire store on ur itunes and it shows what u downloaded
You could try Piratebay, Discography or
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