How Do U Tell the Difference between a Male and Female Tiger Oscar Fish?


It is hard to determine the sex of male and female tiger oscar fish. The male does get larger than the female, but that is not an accurate way to sex them. If you are lucky, you can tell when they are mating. However, you can look at the underside of the fish and if you see a small opening near the anus of the fish, then it is a female.
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1. Wait until the Oscar is sexually mature. Depending on the tank size and the Oscar's health, the fish can mature at different ages. Healthy Oscar fish in a large aquarium often
Males and females look the same. You will only know the sex of an Oscar when they start laying eggs.
Males have redder noses and females don't, it's obvious when you look closely at them in the same tank.
It is very difficult to sex oscars. Usually the best time to tell is when the oscars mate with each other. They will eiher chase the other fish or be chased. Also, males tend to be
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