How Do U Use a Tampon?


You may be worried and nervous about using your first tampon. The more you relax, the easier the insertion will be.
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How to Use a Tampon
Tampon or pad? The age-old question many young ladies ask themselves as they approach puberty. Many girls avoid using tampons because they don't know how to use them and are embarrassed to ask anyone the specific details. While making the choice to use a... More »
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If you have never used a tampon before, it's pretty easy. First, wash your hands. Next, prop your leg up onto the toilet or bathtub. Insert the tampon in until your fingers reach the skin, the push the applicator stick towards your lower back. Remove the applicator (never flush plastic ones) and tug a little bit on the tampon string to ensure it's there snugly. You're all done! If you can feel it inside you, that means you didn't push it in far enough, and you'll want to try again if you don't want to leak or be uncomfortable.
The correct way to use a tampon is to start by holding the tampon with the string end away from you. If you are left handed, use your left hand and your right if you are right handed. Pinch the tampon between your thumb and middle finger. You should be able to see and feel ridges around the middle of the tampon which will help you grip the tampon when you insert it. Next, place your index finger on the bottom of the tampon where the string is hanging. You will want to place the cotton side of the tampon just inside of your vaginal opening and now you will want to push the tampon into your vagina by pressing your index finger up toward yourself. Once you feel that you can no longer press, take the applicator and discard it. You should now be able to see the string hanging from between your legs. That is how you will remove the tampon. You will want to replace your tampon every couple of hours with a fresh one in order to avoid infection.
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A tampon is used by inserting the applicator into the vagina as far as comfortably possible. Push the end of the applicator up, causing the tampon to be inserted. The applicator can
Instructions for inserting a tampon: 1. Before you insert a tampon,...
Yes, you can go to the bathroom with a tampon in. Just hold the string to the side so that it doesn't get wet. You don't have to take it out then unless it is time to. It's impossible
Decide if you prefer to insert the tampon standing or sitting. If sitting is your preference, sit on the toilet. If you want to try standing, putting one..More?
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To insert a tampon first take the wrapper off your tampon now you can either squat above the toilet or stand and put one leg on to the rim of your toilet. Next ...
The main thing to remember when you put in a tampon, is to relax! Sit on the toilet with your legs spread, and hold the applicator between your fingers. Gently ...
The main thing to remember when you put in a tampon, is to relax! Sit on the toilet with your legs spread, and hold the applicator between your fingers. Gently ...
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