How Do Uv Cabinets in Salons Work?


UV light cabinets are at times used in cosmetology salons. When you place your hands in the UV cabinet the germicidal light emitted kills the pathogen causing germs on them. It should be noted that the cabinets may become reservoirs of pathogens if they are not regularly cleaned and disinfected.
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a UV cabinet is used for sterilizing and disinfecting things such as raymer sponges, orange sticks and cuticle clippers.
Put it on E Bay with a 99p start and see what happens. Let the market decide. Source(s): that's what I do
This is, indeed, a tricky question! While technically, yes, all UV rays cause skin damage. there's a very real need to differentiate between exposure vs OVERexposure. The UV lights
Why not experiment. I bought a UV bulb from and used it effectively with flourescent paint.
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