How do Velcro Rollers Work?


Velcro rollers are put in your hair to produce body or curls. Take a section of hair and a roller and roll them until you have it against your head. Do this with all your hair. Let them in for a while and then take them out and style your hair.
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1. Use Velcro rollers on dry hair. Mist hair with volumizing spray or apply mousse before you roll each piece. 2. Separate hair into sections and roll each section straight up until
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Email to a friend. Print this page. Q. What are velcro rollers used for? A. I have no idea what kind of rollers to use. Can you explain the reason for velcro rollers? Janie. Hi Janie
I don't like any of them. I burned myself with hot rollers everytime I used them (so that was like $20 down the drain) I never could get Velcro rollers to work because they got tangled
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How Do Velcro Rollers Work?
Velcro rollers are a type of hair roller meant to produce large, loose curls without the use of heat. Velcro rollers differ from other types of hair rollers in that they're made of the teeth side of Velcro. When hair is rolled up in these rollers, the... More »
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Velcro rollers are used to curl or volumize hair. Velcro rollers work by sticking to the hair. Place a roller at the end of a section of hair and roll hair around roller up to the scalp. For best results, use rollers on dry hair so the rollers do not fall out.
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The best way you can use Velcro rollers is to divide your hair into several three-inch wide sections and wrap them up in medium rollers. ...
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