How do vets clean a dog's teeth?


When you take your dog to the vet for a thorough teeth cleaning, the vet must first anesthetize the dog. They will then use an instrument such as an ultrasonic scaler or curette along with picks and curettes to scrape tartar and build-up from the dog's teeth, above and below the gumline. Scaling, root planning and subgingival curettage are also done as part of the dog's cleaning process. Finally, polishing and irrigation with water is done to remove any diseased tissue and plaque.
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How Do Vets Clean Dogs' Teeth?
Good canine dental hygiene should start from puppyhood, brushing your pet's teeth daily is an important part in maintaining your dog's good health. Over time a dog's teeth can become layered with tartar and it may be necessary to have its teeth cleaned... More »
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