How Do Water Wheels Generate Electricity?


Water wheels are machines that convert the energy of flowing or falling water into a form of power to generate electricity. A water will usually consists of a wheel and a number of blades or buckets forming the driving surface. Although no longer commonly used, water wheels do get used in small scale hydro-power plants to create clean electricity. Majority of the water wheels used to generate electricity in the United States and United Kingdom were vertical wheels rotating on a horizontal axle. How the type of of water wheel needed is determined is by the location.
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1. Measure the stream head - or vertical drop from intake point to turbine position - and the flow of the stream. Download the Microhydro Power Calculator at
its actuallly simple, the water turns turbines and the turbines produce electricity.
Put the water wheel in flowing water and connect a generator to the shaft. Best is to construct a dam and penstock, or pipe line, from a water source at a higher elevation and route
Turbine in the out-pipe. Probably not enough energy to make it worthwhile though. You might be able to SAVE energy by re-using your waste-water though. Eg. syphoning it into your
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