How Do We Hear?


When something makes a noise, it sends vibrations, through the air. When the sound waves hit your eardrum, it vibrates and the brain interprets these vibrations as sound.
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What did you say? I can't hear you. Just kidding, I heard you loud and clear. Seriously, your ear has and outer ear that captures the sound waves and an inner ear that has tiny hairs
When sound waves enter the auditory canal, they cause the eardrum to vibrate. These vibrations are amplified by the three bones of the middle ear, changed into nerve signals by the
We hear by molucles bumping into each other which creates sound waves from vibration, which then travels into our ears...its all complicated after that :P
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A hearing test is an audio test to discern a patient's ability to hear sounds. Audiologists test their patients with head phones over the ears. Very low sounds ...
Sound is air made to vibrate. When sound is made, it is collected by the outer ear and directed to the eardrum. In response to the sound waves, the ear drum vibrates ...
When there is something that is making sound it sends vibrations to our ears. The pinna the outer portion of the ear catches the sound waves. The sound travels ...
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