How Do We See Colour?


Color is visualized by light reflecting off of rods and cones within the structure of our eyes. We sometimes see colors differently due to the effectiveness of these rods and cones, which is why people describe colors differently.
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september 16. In 1967 15 june people first see color television in austrailia.
Human vision is possible due to the ability of the eye to sense light. When a light source such as the sun strikes an object, the object reflects certain wavelengths of light and
light bouncing back as you put it is all at different wavelengths, different wavelengths have different colours, and different colours reflect light differently thus it moves at different
in simple when a subtance not reflect any visible light it appears back or when no em wave of visible region falling on it.
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The light receptors at the back of our eyes are cones and rods. While the rods allow us to see in dim light, the cones allow us to see color. You can find more information here:
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