How Do Weasels Kill Chickens?


Weasels will raid poultry coops at night and kill or injure the chickens. Their diet consists of whatever they can get their claws on. A weasel goes into a killing frenzy of sorts, they have little control over themselves once they start killing.
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They usually bite the skull or throat of a chicken.
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If the wire was strong enough and fine gage then it would stop a Raccoon or a Possum, but it would not stop a Weasel and taking off their heads is typical Weasel killing, and as they
Chickens will eat grain, seeds, fruit, other vegetation, and insects. A
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Measles kill chickens by biting them on their necks and ripping their heads off. Usually a fence will help keep the weasels away from the chickens. Their are traps to keep weasels away, they can be found at a local hardware store.
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