How Do Whales Reproduce?


A male whale will insert his sperm into the female whale in order to reproduce. Whales are mammals and therefore fertilization between the sperm and egg take place inside the female. The actual act of reproduction takes place as the whale swim with their bellies close to each other.
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Whales are mammals, and reproduce much the same way as other mammals do. The male has a retractable penis, which is extruded and inserted into the female in order to mate. Whales have live births, with a gestation period of about a year.
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Whales reproduce sexually in a manner similar to dolphins and sharks. All whales have live births and most of them have a gestation period of about 12 months. The only exception are
Orca whales reach sexual maturity at different times based on gender. Females reach sexual maturity first, usually between the size of 15 to 17 feet long and the ages of 6 to 14 years
they give birth to young alive 'cause they are warm blooded
Not much is known about how whales reproduce b/c of their location in the ocean. They do
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It is not known exactly how blue whales reproduce, but it is assumed they reproduce the same way as any other water mammals. A female usually only has one baby ...
Killer whales reproduce when they turn between 5 to 10 years of age. Females come into heat several times a year. During this period, the male will deposit sperm ...
Whaling effects have greatly impacted the whale populations in every country. Whales are not reproducing enough to keep up with the numbers that are being harpooned ...
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