How do wireless printers work?


Wireless printers use built-in Wi-Fi transceivers to connect to a Wi-Fi network and print documents from connected devices. Wireless printers are a convenient choice for offices and individuals who want to reduce the clutter associated with using standard printers.

In order to use a Wi-Fi printer, an administrator must configure the printer to connect the local Wi-Fi network. Most modern printers support Wi-Fi connections, however, some older wireless printers may not be able to connect to the networks. In addition to being able to connect to Wi-Fi networks, a wireless printer can also use WPA encryption as a security measure against hackers. WPA encryption is a safer alternative to the standard WEP encryption found in older wireless printers.

Upon configuration, the printer shows up on any device connected to the network, whether it is a personal computer or mobile device, according to Chron. When a device initiates a print job, the wireless printer receives a command to print a document just like any standard printer. If a wireless printer has a scanning function, a user can scan documents with the printer and save the scanned image directly to the receiving device. A network repeater or additional wireless router is used to extend the range of a wireless printer.

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How Do Wireless Printers Work?
Before printing can begin, the computer user must tell the computer exactly what to print and how to print it. The computer takes this information and converts it into a format that the printer can understand. For example, if the user wants a color... More »
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