How Do Worms Breath?


Worms take in oxygen through their skin as long as they have enough moisture. Too much water will cause them to drown unless the water has a lot of oxygen in it. You can find more information here:
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When it rains a great deal earthworms seem to come out of the ground and end up on sidewalks or driveways. If it gets sunny and warm quickly after a rain, you will notice the earthworms dry out before they can get back to their hiding spots. An earthworm needs humid conditions in order to survive as they breathe through their skin.
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A worm has no lungs or a nose so just how does a worm breathe? A worm has mucus on its skin that allows oxygen to dissolve so a worm actually breathes through its skin. The oxygen
through its moist skin.
Ascaris is a worm that lives in the small intestine. Infection with Ascaris is called
They take oxygen into the bloodstream through their wet skin. They need to stay damp, but not too wet!
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Warms do not theoretically breath as they have no lungs. However, the skin remains moist so as to absorb oxygen from the air through tiny pores in their skin. ...
Segment worms breathe through their skin since they do not have lungs or nose. Breathing through their skin enables them to adapt well to their covered environments ...
A marine worm is one that lives in a water body such as a lake, ocean or sea. It has special tentacles that are used for breathing and reproduction. The worms ...
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