How Do You Add Exponents?


You add exponents if you are multiplying two powers that have the same base. This is called the product rule for exponents. For example, for the power expression (x^10) X (x^3), you would add the exponents to find the answer as x ^13. When working with exponents there are also other rules you need to know. You can find more information here:
Q&A Related to "How Do You Add Exponents"
1. Examine the base of the two exponents. For example, the base of 4^2 is four, and the base of 5^3 is five. The bases must be the same in order to add exponents together. 2. Check
when you multiply powers with the same base.
1. Open the Symbol dialog. Word lets you insert special symbols into your text through the Symbol dialog. How you open the dialog depends on your version of Word. For Word 2007 and
X^m + x^n = x^m+n) Simply add the exponents. You cannot add x^m and y^m. Different
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