How Do You Address a Bishop in Writing?


You can simply address a Bishop in writing as ‘The Right Reverend of (name)’ or ‘The Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of (name)’. You can also address them simply as Bishop or if it’s a formal event “My Lord Bishop”.
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When speaking to your Bishop, you may address him as Bishop (last name) or Your Excellency. In writing to him, you would address the letter as Dear Bishop (last name) or simply Your
1. Write your address, without your name. Skip a line, and type the date. Skip another line, and type the bishop's name and church address. 2. Type "Dear Bishop (Name) followed
To address an envelope to a bishop or an archbishop (not a Cardinal_ The Most Reverend _and the greeting line of the letter (or greeting him face-to-face) Your Excellency. For a Cardinal
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When speaking, you would refer to 'Bishop *last name*, or 'Your Excellency'. If you're addressing an envelope, use 'The Most Reverend *full name*' and on the ...
When addressing a Bishop in writing, e.g. a formal letter, you should address the letter to The Most Reverend So-and-So, when addressing a Bishop verbally in formal ...
To address the Bishop of the Church of England, you begin with Dear Bishop on the letter then address him as The Rt Rev and Rt Hon the Lord Bishop of London. Verbally ...
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