How do you adjust double-hung windows?


To adjust a double hung window, you will have to adjust the tension between the sash and the jambs. Use a screw driver to turn the adjustment screw clockwise to raise the tension, counter-clockwise to reduce the tension. Next is to return the sash to the usual operating position, and test the action. Repeat the procedure until the needed amount of tension is achieved.
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To adjust double hung windows, you need to tilt the sash inwards into the room. A screwdriver should then be placed in the balance shoe so as to enable you to turn the tension adjustment screw. When the tension adjustment screw is turned anticlockwise in a half-turn, the sash is able to slide up and down more freely and the window can then move up and down more easily.
To adjust double hang windows, first unlock the window using the window lock and raise the widow sash straight up for 4-6 inches then release the finger locks by pushing them inwards to the window centre. Next, tilt the sash at a 90 degrees angle to the floor and then turn the tension adjustment screw in the balance shoe 1/2 turn counter clockwise to decrease window tension. Finally, adjust the window's left side balance shoe in the same way then raise the sash to its original position.
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