How Do You Adjust the Fuel and Air Mixture on a Chan Saw?


To adjust the fuel air mixture on a chainsaw you will need to adjust the high speed fuel adjustment screw. This is marked with a H on the screw. Remember to check your other two adjustments screws as well because this fuel/air mixture is not the only important thing when running your chainsaw at maximum performance.
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1. Turn the engine on and allow it to run for a few minutes until it reaches its normal operating temperature. Once the normal operating temperature is reached, shut off the engine
need to know how to make adgustment.
If it's injected you can't do that. It is controlled by the computer via sensors. If it is carbureted, there should be an adjusting screw in the base of the carb but it may be covered
close mixtur screw all the way . Open 2 1/2 turns. Start engine. Adjust for top idle in or out as needed
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How you adjust the fuel and air mixture on a chain saw is by a set screw. Most chainsaws have this set screw. There are others, though, that have two set screws. ...
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