How Do You Age a Tortoise?


It is quite impossible to determine the age of a tortoise. However, myths surrounding this animal suggest that counting the number of growth rings can help you determine the age of a tortoise. Turtles belong to the family of land dwelling turtles called Testudines.
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they "do" age die at 10000years old like humans so you have a long boring life with your tortise ahead of you.
In the wild desert tortoises will hibernate in a burrow their first winter. Hibernation protects them from freezing temperatures and flooding. The Arizona Game and Fish Department
The Giant Tortoise has the longest life span of the tortoises with an average
Age is related to adult size and the habitat. Most smaller tortoises generally live about 30 years, medium tortoises go about 60, big tortoises can hit 90, and giants can do 120.
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To tell a tortoise's age, count the rings that are formed in its shell, because it is said that one ring appears every year. Unfortunately, this method is not ...
The male gopher tortoise has a plastron that is concave where as the females plastron is perfectly flat. They reach sexual maturity at around 12 years of age. ...
The common tortoise available in the UK, the Mediterranean tortoise, will be between 80 to 200 pounds depending the on the size, age and sex of the tortoise. For ...
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