How do You Back Out Sales Tax?


In order to 'back out' sales tax, you'll need to know the tax rate of your state and city. For example, total tax in my city is 7.5%. If I purchase an item and the receipt reads $537.50, then I divide this amount by 1.075 and find the item cost exactly $500 before tax was added.
Formula: Total cost / (1.00 + percentage as a decimal) = Pre-tax price
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1. Determine the sales tax rate for the item you are purchasing. Is the sales tax 6% 15% 2. Enter the total amount due on your calculator. Assume the total is $13.65. Enter that amount
The business seller's responsibility is to pay off all of the liabilities at closing.
1. Contact the government official in your area who deals with foreclosure listings. Depending on the county or state, this person may be known as a "clerk, "registrar,
1. Look up the total sales tax rate for the locality in which you are calculating sales tax. The state sales tax rate is 6.25 percent, but each locality can have additional city,
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Here is an example of how to back out sales tax. If the price paid, including tax, is $10.53, and the tax rate is 8%, divide $10.53 by 1.08. This tells you the price before tax is $9.75.
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It takes only two steps to calculate sales tax backwards. It is necessary that you know the rate of the tax. When you know the rate of the sales tax, you simply ...
Assuming a 6% sales tax, you would add six percent by multiplying $2 (pre-tax total) x .06 giving you 12 cents sales tax. To calculate reverse sales tax you would ...
Boston has a 5% state sales tax. They do not have a local sales tax. Food and clothing up to $150 is exempt from this. Governor Patrick wanted to end the sales ...
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