How do You Balance 12 Nails on One Nail?


In order for you to balance twelve nails on one nail, you will need a few certain materials. This can be a tricky task, so it will require your full focus. You can find more information here:
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To balance twelve nails on one nail will take a great deal of practice. Or, a very strong magnet located under the base nail. The use of a magnet, or cheating, is most likely how it is done.
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1. Position the nail placement so that it is even with the ground. Never position them uphill, downhill or in an uneven fashion. 2. Insert the nails approximately one third of the
Ay down one nail. Put one nail ACROSS that nail, lay the
The nail to balance upon must be hammered into a block of wood so it stands unaided. Next lie one of the nails flat on the table. Lie 4 of the other nails heads along the shaft of
tap one into the wood. take another one and lay it flat on the table. stack all but one of the remaining nails sideways along the nail, with the heads close to the nail. lay the last
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