How Do You Beat Grow Valley?


If you are playing Grow Valley with the regular ending and you want to beat it, here is how you can do it. You will need to have a compass, a pick ax, a computer chip, gear, magnifying glass, chemistry bottle and a heart. You will need different materials for the secret ending to Grow Valley.
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For normal ending: 1. Compass. 2. Pick Axe. 3. Computer Chip. 4. Gear. 5. Magnifying glass. 6. Chemistry bottle (or vial) 7. Heart. For Secret Ending: 1. Magnifying glass. 2. Gear
1. Soak your pips (rhizomes) in lukewarm water before planting. You can add water to the plastic bags that the rhizomes came in. The peat in the bag needs to be saturated, so let
There are two endings, the first one is: Click these in order for the 'Normal' Ending 1.
1. Start Grow Cube. Grow Cube is a free Flash game that you can play in virtually any browser. It is available at a variety of different locations online. AS you place items, they
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