How Do You Become a Gypsy?


It is hard to become gypsy unless you are born Romani Santi or Gitano
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Unless you are born Romani, Sinti, Gitano or another ethnicity called "Gypsy" you do not become one. We are a genetic ethnicity, not a desire or lifestyle.
Gypsies are a European people who speak the Romany language, so you...
You can not become a Gypsy. You have to be born Traveller or Roma to be a true Gypsy. xx.
If one's ethnicity is Romani or other gypsy groups then he/she is a Gypsy. You can dress like one though, want to know how?
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To become a gypsy you need to do the following things and they are; you need to travel around the world or your country for a certain period of time without having the normal luxuries. Then assume the life of the people whom you meet with and practice in there customs.
You can only be a gypsy if you were born Romani, Sinti, or Gitano. Gypsy is a community of nomadic people. Some of these communities include the: Romani people, Yeniche people, Sea Gypsies and the Sri Lankan Gypsy people.
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