How do you become a nanny in the U. K.?


As of December 2008, there was l no formal, legal qualification for nannies in the UK which means that you will need to assess your own employment history and history of working with children to decide what you are strong on and what you are lacking. For example, if you lack consistent experience with toddlers then you might try to gain employment working with this group before looking for a full time nanny position.
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How to Become a Nanny in the UK
Becoming a nanny in the UK is a great way to earn a living, particularly if you love working with children and want to provide a safe and healthy environment for someone else's kids. Nannying is more than a babysitting job. You often have to help with... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
There are no formal criteria required for one to become a nanny in the UK. However, it is imperative that one has a clean criminal record, and some experience in child care. A valid and clean driving licence as well as a certificate in first aid is also important to ensure that you will be capable of handling emergencies, which may occur.
To become a nanny in the UK, you will need to furnish a prospective employer with the following information: a clean driving license, a certificate in first aid and a reference letter from previous employers.
To be a Nanny you need to provide evidence of a clean UK driver's license, a car that's insured in the UK and a clean criminal record. You also need to obtain certification in first aid, and present the certificate to a prospective employer. After that, present the parent(s) with letters of reference from previous employers and be prepared to cook nutritious meals for children of all ages.
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