How Do You Become a Rally Driver?


To become a rally driver, you need to be at least 17 years old with a full driver's license. Next, you need to do a lot of practice on gravel roads and even through go-karting. Once established, register yourself with the rally association, start attending events so as to get your name out and to familiarise yourself with the sport.
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Motorsport in all its forms tends to be a very distributed endeavour, in that you can probably find a local club devoted to your particular interest, regardless of your location.
Get a licence. In Britain, from January 1 this year, the licensing rules were changed and every driver wishing to contest stage rallies now has to hold a Stage Rally Competition Licence
Go to the Motorsports Association (MSA) website, and read the section on getting started in racing.….
well you obviously need your own car and need to be a decent mechanic (when you start off your not going to have a fully qualified mechanic unless your lucky) secondly, you need to
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The first step to becoming a rally driver is to have a full UK driving license. You’re next stop is to get a Rallying ‘Starter Pack’ from the ...
The first step is to make sure you know all rules and regulations associated with the sport. Make sure to be educated and then start getting the word out that ...
To become a Rally car driver, one should begin racing as early as possible. Often, drivers begin by racing in local stock car races and modified car races. Then, ...
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