How Do You Become a Stunt Person?


To become a stunt person, you should first consider training in dirt bike riding, climbing, horse riding, trampoline lessons, and martial arts classes. Again, you should take flying lessons and also attend a race school. A stunt person can also consider becoming a stunt coordinator.
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Stuntmen get to do things that are too dangerous for actors and actresses. You should also concentrate on stage fighting and also get the guide to become a stuntman and learn some skills from it.
To become a stuntman, first, you have to be in good physical shape and developed at least two skills relevant in movie production such as car chases or high falls. It is also advised to take workshops related to the same and join the Screen Actors Guild. Thereafter, what is left is a lot of patience and resilience and eventually an opening might open up for you to showcase your skills in a movie set.
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1. Get into good shape. Many stunt people are accomplished in gymnastics and martial arts. 2. Develop a specialty or two such as high falls, stair falls, car chases, riding horses
You can become a stunt driver by going to stunt driving school. You have to have some sort of certificate to be a professional stunt driver and get stunt driving jobs for yourself.
I am sure there are schools that teach that sort of thing.
To be a stunt artist, go to a stunt school. Hollywood Stunts is at 400 E. 55th St.,
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