How Do You Become a Vampire?


A vampire can be described as a undead creature that escapes from its casket due to possession of an evil spirit. They are believed to drink blood and today it is believed that they are not dead nor are they demons. You can become a vampire by being born as one, through biting or taking blood, through sinful deeds, you can die to become a vampire, through actions or you can become one after death. In death it depends on how the body is treated after death and before burial can transform one into a vampire. Some churches consider sinful deeds as a way to become a vampire for example desecrating a holy day or dying unbaptized.
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How to Become a Vampire
Vampirism, or the practice of drinking human blood, dates all the way back to ancient Greece (even earlier, by some accounts). If you wish to become a bloodsucker, here's some advice you can sink your teeth into.... More »
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To become a vampire, you have to be bitten by another vampire. However, this is stuff common to movies and videos. There is no sufficient evidence supporting existence of real life vampires.
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You cannot become a real vampire. There is little real proof that vampires actually even exist. They are mythical creatures. This is kind of like asking how you can become a real
1. Purchase the clothes. You must look like a vampire slayer to be a vampire slayer. Leather, high-heels and crucifixes are all part of the job. Vampires are attracted to the yes-please-take-me-home-with-you
1 Decide how long your process of becoming a Vampire will last. Vampires are beautiful, so you'll need to make sure you're happy with your skin and your body. Get rid of acne if you
There are a number of ways throughout historical lore to become/create a vampire. The earliest settled cultures would often have new homes & properties blessed by holy members
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To become a vampire slayer, you need to get clothes which are attractive to the vampires like leather, high heels and crucifixes. Learn moves like martial arts ...
To become a vampire in Sims 2, you must be bitten by another vampire. You can get a vampire to bite you on community areas at night. The vampires do not come ...
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