How Do You Become an Air Hostess?


To become an air hostess, begin by completing a six-month cabin crew course from a reputable institution. Then, send your CV to any recognised airline and await your appointment. Airlines prefer to hire poised, tactful and resourceful people.
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The desired height is usually 5ft 2 inches, and the weight should be proportion to the height. Academic qualifications are GCSE level English and Maths, to train as a air hostess one should join a local accredited college that offers related training.
To become an air Hostess in the UK, you will need to have 5 GCSEs grades between A-C, inclusive of maths and English. You should also have experience in customer service and have no visible tattoos or any form of piercings. You should also be 18 years and above and have a proportion weight and a height of 1.58 metres. With all this considerations, you can then make an application to become an air hostess.
Becoming an air hostess will requires one to be formally educated and trained. For one to be trained, there are some physical requirements that are needed e.g. flawless skin, perfect natural teeth and a great smile. After the training, it will be time for prospective employers who are hiring, both local and international airlines. Polish up on your communication skills and customer service qualities.
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1. Graduate from high school. Airlines require that you at least have a high school diploma or GED. 2. Attend a four year college or university. Obtain a Bachelor's degree in communications
The Minimum Requrerments To Become An Air Hostess Are : You should be in a possession of at least a Senior Certificate. You must have good vision and have the ability to speak clearly
You don't have to have a degree to be an air hostess. Visit the actual website of the companies you really want to work for and read their criteria. The major things airlines look
The most important thing is to get good customer service experience. The more high-end the better! Although a degree is not necessary, it will look good on your CV and will be an
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