How Do You Become an Estate Agent in the UK?


In order to become a real estate agent in the UK you need to get licensed. It is not necessary to have any business education but it would be a plus. Please follow this link for more information:
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1. Ensure you have the necessary skills and personality. Estate agents have excellent people, communication and sales skills. They are confident and outgoing people. Many have an
1. Determine the general requirements for becoming a real estate agent in your state. Though there is an exam you'll have to pass that may differ in every state, the general requirements
This phenomenon is not unique to the UK. Here in the US, most real estate agents enjoy a status that is perhaps just slightly above that of "used car salesmen." Unfortunately
You may need a consumer credit license (contact Office of Fair Trading) if you're out on your own, but if you're working for a firm, the firm will hold the license so you won't need
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