How Do You Block Someone from Texting You?


If you want to stop someone from texting you go to your cellphone provider's website. Log in your account and go to preferences. Next go to spam control to sign up. Enter the phone numbers and email addresses and press Apply.
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1. Go to the Verizon text messaging website (See Resources) and log in using your telephone number or user ID. 2. Go to the "Preferences" menu and select "Spam Control
Learning how to block text messages can cut down on your communication-related stress, whether you want to reduce the number of spam messages that are charged to your account or to
1. Go to Options on your Blackberry's home screen. Ad. 2. Tap on MMS. 3. Go to the message filtering section. Tick the following boxes, reject anonymous messages and reject advertisements
You cant. it is blocked for a reason. sorry.
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It is not possible to block a cell phone number when sending a text message. You can use a free service such as Text Free to send the message anonymously. ...
It would depend on your service provider. If you need to block a number from texting you on an lg phone, contact your carrier and ask them how you can block one ...
To block someone from calling your cell phone, you first should contact your phone carrier. Your carrier may or may not have the ability to block numbers. If your ...
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