How do You Bond Aluminum?


You bond aluminum with other atoms to form ionic or covalent bonds. An ionic bond is when one atom gives up electrons to the other atom. For example, aluminum trichloride is made from one aluminum atom and three chloride atoms. This is because one aluminum atom has three extra electrons and the atom lets a chloride atom bond to each extra electron, which creates aluminum trichloride. You can find more information here:
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To bond aluminum it is best to use Watertight Epoxy glue and allow to dry. Because aluminum is not porous and lacks and holes it is hard to bond without specialized glue.
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1. Sand the edges of the aluminum sheets with fine-grade sandpaper until they're silver and shiny. Sanding removes the aluminum oxide that prevents aluminum from bonding properly.
Conventional soldering to aluminum normally requires initially plating the aluminum to
Metallic bonding.
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