How Do You Break a Coconut Open?


You can break a coconut open by driving a nail with a hammer through the dark notches that can be found on one end (the marks are the weakest point), then place the coconut in a vase to drain out the liquid. If no liquid comes out of the coconut, force a nail through the other end of the coconut to let in air, then nicely drape the coconut with a towel, and break it with a hammer. After draining the coconut, you can alternatively tap it firmly at the equator using a blunt edge, while rotating it until it breaks open into two equal halves.
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To break a coconut open, you can use a piece of rock, stick, piece of metal or the back of a heavy knife. Strike the coconut at exactly its middle with slight moderate force. You can place a container to collect the juice (water) if desired.
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You will need a large nail and a hammer. Place the nail at the top of the coconut and tap with the hammer. The coconut should split open.
1. Inspect the coconut. Usually coconuts will have some dark areas on them. About the size of the dime, there are usually three such areas. These are the weakest points of the coconut
If you have a heavy knife, hold the coconut in one hand, and give it a sharp crack with the blunt side of the blade. You will hear it crack, and do a few more working your way around
Wrap the coconut up in such a way that all of the loose ends are secured underneath
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To open a coconut, use a meat cleaver to break it. Hold the coconut with the 'eyes' on one side and the stem on the other, and hit it hard till it breaks.With ...
To break a coconut, you will need a huge and thick cutting board and something like a machete. To get into the coconut meat, you will need to penetrate through ...
Breaking open a coconut can often be a tedious task. Most people think they can just take a hammer and bash right into it and be done! However, bashing it alone ...
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