How Do You Break an Axle?


There are various ways that you can break an axle. The most common is putting excessive weight on the axle. Using the axle for a long time will also cause it break.
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Most cars use "open" differentials, which route power to the wheel with the least traction. If you break an axle-shaft or constant velocity joint in a front-wheel drive
Overload? Bad carrier bearing? Severe bump? Metal fatigue? (age)
In normal operation, there is no way the chain or valve springs could break a shaft. The only possibility, other than a defective camshaft when the bike was new, is that the cam chain
Slash says because Axl got too controlling and pretty much decided that Guns N Roses
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Axles are what keeps the wheels of your car on straight. If they are breaking down, they will make a clicking sound when you turn the wheel. If they are cracked ...
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