How Do You Build a Holographic Projector?


Holographic projection is a new wave of technology used to project large-scale, high-resolution images onto a variety of different surfaces. Building a Holographic Projector can be done by getting a good angle where you can place a bright spot light, switch on the spot light to check the quality of the hologram, adjusting the position to get the best focal and bright points if necessary, place the laser and then switch it on to get a clearer image for the projector.
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The key to the operation of holographic projectors is the hologram. Before the advent of digital imaging, holograms were patterns on film. The photographer took a single source of
Professional projector can't be made at home. But for illustrative purpose, you can use a high intensity light source & a sample film to project.
1 Procure a Fresnel. This is a thin optical lens consisting of concentric rings of segmental lenses and having a short focal length, used primarily in spotlights, overhead projectors
To build your own 1080p High Defenition video projector, one needs an efficient and very bright light source, a lens and a method of placing a picture in between the light source
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