How Do You Build an Electric Guitar?


To build an electric guitar, acquire the tools and materials needed. Find out the guitar's scale length, pre-plan the design concept and draw the body shape on a poster board. Next locate and draw the cavities where pickups and electronics will go and set the bridge placement. Trace the design on a plank of wood, start routing the body, neck pocket and body cavities. Drill the holes in the body and shape the body by carving it as desired. Tests fit all the parts on the guitar, plug the pores and spray the guitar. Finally assemble the parts and wire the guitar.
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Make Your Own Electric Guitar
Many guitar players are finicky aficionados of their instruments, choosing to forgo the multitude of offerings hanging on store racks or displayed in catalogues and have their instruments custom built for them. Some do-it-yourselfers take custom... More »
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To make a left handed electric guitar, shop for all the parts you'll need for your left-handed guitar then make sure you will need to purchase a left-handed electric guitar body there are many designs available for this and, depending on your choice of a body, you may also need particular pick-ups, control knobs, neck, headstock and strings again buy all the tools you'll need to build the guitar and for an idea of what to purchase, check out the guitar-parts websites listed under Resources, as they'll tell you what the parts require in the way of tools also draw up a design for your left handed-electric guitar and make sure that what you choose matches the guitar body you've already bought then use a marker to mark the places on the body of the guitar where the hardware components will go also use the jigsaw to cut the area you've marked out for the pickups and once you've sawed each part that's necessary, remove the pieces of wood then start routing the guitar body for the pickup and other hardware wires again drill all the holes for the bridge, control knobs and control stick and take your time, as the cut has to be just right then paint the body according to your design plan also sand the guitar until it's smooth and if you fail to sand the guitar, the paint can glob up and chip, so it's important to sand and re-paint as necessary to get the desired look for your guitar again put some clear coat on your guitar again wire the electronics for the guitar and install all the hardware components again put the guitar neck on the guitar body and if you're using a bolt-on neck, you'll simply screw it in, but don't make it too tight, as this can wreck the guitar over time then install strings on the guitar according to lefty specifications; after you've allowed the guitar to adjust to the tension of the strings give it at least a few hours, test out the instrument.
To build an electric guitar, you can start by acquiring the right materials required for you to build the guitar. You can then visit your local library and read books that will give you a step by step procedure on how to build it. Playing guitar builds muscle in your fingers.
To build an electric guitar, start by assembling the tools and the parts to be used. Design and plan for you guitar and do the routing of the body and cavities. Drill the holes and shape the body. The next step is to prepare the body by plugging the pores. Attach strings and make sure you tie them tight to the knobs. Paint and polish to the desired colour that you want then you assemble and do the wiring of the electronics. For more information, you can check the instructables website.
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You can build an electric guitar yourself with the right materials and a little time! This step by step tutorial will help you along the way! You will be playing in no time! Look
1. Decide what type of electric guitar kit you want to put together. There are many different models available. One popular style is the carved-top body style, or the Fender Strat
1 Use your favorite search engine to find a good place to order the body, neck, and any other parts that you will need. In this case, is supplying the body, neck, and
If you build it then it won't be an Epiphone. Having said that you will need the blue prints with the dimensions on, source the materials, timber, hardware (pickups, tuners, volume
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1. Use a computer with Internet access to search for available electric guitar plans. There are many electric guitar plans which are freely available online, and ...
1. Use a computer with Internet access to search for available electric guitar plans. There are many electric guitar plans which are freely available online, and ...
1. Use a computer with Internet access to search for available electric guitar plans. There are many electric guitar plans which are freely available online, and ...
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