How Do You Calculate a Gas Bill?


To work out gas bills, you will start by working out the number of units you have used by subtracting the previous and current reading. Then multiply this figure by 2.83 (for measurements not using cubic metres) and then by 1.02264. You should also multiply it by the Calorific Value, which can be found on your bill or by asking your gas supplier. Divide the result by 3.6 to work out your KWh figure and then multiply the KWh figure by your pence per KWh rate.
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To calculate gas bill, first convert the metric to a standardized volume and then work out how much energy was in the gas you have used (this is known as the calorific value). Multiply the converted volume of gas used with the calorific value to get the absolute amount of energy in the gas consumed. Divide the total amount in MJ by 3.6MJ/KWh to get the total KWh used.
Multiply the cubic metres used by the standard temperature & pressure conversion as shown within the charges details. Multiply by the calorific value of the gas supplied. Divide by 3.6 to convert from therms to kWh.
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