How to Calculate the Interior Angles of a Regular Octagon.?


1. Draw two lines from one point of the octagon to the other point directly across, creating a rectangle and two trapezoids. Then split the rectangle by the diagonal and the trapezoid from one of its base points to the opposite corner. This will
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1. Count the number of sides your polygon has. The method for calculating the sum of interior angles is based on how many sides the polygon has. Remember that a polygon must have
The total number of interior degrees in a polygon with number of sides n is 180 times (n-2). For a regular octagon (meaning all sides are the same, thus all angles are the same) you
Easy peezy my teacher taught me this: An Octagon has 8 sides and all EXterior angles add too 360 so you do 360 divided by 8 and get 45. The do 180 subtract 45 to get the interior
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1. Learn that the sum of the interior angles of a polygon can be expressed with the equation:I = (n-2) * 180. In this equation the letter I stands for the sum ...
The angles of an octagon include the interior angle that sums up to 135 degrees. There is also the exterior angle which totals to 45 degrees. To calculate the ...
Calculating angels in a triangle can be tricky. Add the two angles together and subtract that total from 180. This is because all triangles have a sum equal to ...
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